Summit Stream – Stage D

Stage D

Welcome to the Survivor’s Summit!

We are a community who believes that survivors should be the ones shaping the national conversation on sexual violence. We’re thrilled that you’re here.

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Stage A

Coming up:

12:00pmWelcome and Performance
Alicia Jay and Nikita Mitchell, The Survivors’ Agenda
Jensen McRae, Singer/Songwriter
Plenary: Bringing the Survivors’ Agenda to Your Community: a Rallying Cry for 2020 and Beyond
After two days of great discussions, trainings, and conversations, now is the time to bring all of that energy out into the world. What does it look like to embrace your leadership as a survivor? How can we utilize the Survivors’ Agenda in our everyday lives? On the brink of a crucial election, we each have a role to play to ensure that survivors are the ones shaping the national conversation on sexual violence. Join us!
Tarana Burke, Founder & Executive Director, me too. International
Ai-jen Poo, Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance
Tina Tchen, President & Chief Executive Officer, TIME’S UP Foundation
Yolo Akili Robinson, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective
The Power of Storyteller: Your Story as an Organizing Tool with Jaden Fields and Ducky Jones
This session will support survivors in telling their stories, by providing trauma-informed and healing-centered tools for sharing their stories, and ways to shape their stories to be a powerful instrument to advocate for themselves and other survivors.

Jaden Fields, Co-Director, Mirror Memoirs
Ducky Jones, Organizer, Educator, & Storyteller

Queer/Trans Perspectives on Surviving Violence & Abuse
Join a panel of seasoned activists for an in-depth heart-felt analysis of unqiueness of queer and trans survivorship. The HEAL Project is a BIPOC/trans/survivor-led initiative working to prevent and end Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and the cycle of sexual violence, and The Network/La Red is a survivor-led organization working to end partner abuse in LGBTQ communities.

Erica Perez, Community Awareness Associate, The Network/La Red
Aredvi Azad, Director of Education & Programs, The HEAL Project
Ignacio Rivera, Founder and Director, The HEAL Project
Beyond 9 to 5: Promoting Financial Security and Stability for Survivors
It is incredibly expensive to experience domestic and intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. The financial impact is often long-lasting. When you are in the position to leave your harm-doer, you are often met with the very real awareness that you cannot financially afford to stay safe. Whether by intentional sabotage of economic opportunities, credit, and financial solvency by harm-doers, or inflexible workplace policies that fail to understand that you bring your whole self to work or properly remedy discrimination in the workplace, a path to achieving financial security and stability is essential for all survivors. This session will lift up resources, strategies, and tools for you to achieve greater economic security.

Deborah J. Vagins, President & CEO, National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)
Linda A. Seabrook, General Counsel and Director of Workplace Safety & Equity, Futures Without Violence
Em Jackson, Director of Peer Engagement & Support, FreeFrom
Kiesha Preston, Activist
3:30pmKEYNOTE SPEAKER: Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07)
Dani Ayers, me too. International
3:48pmPerformance by Rapsody

Stage B

Coming up:

Manifest: Working with Elements of Nature for Sexual Healing with Ignacio Rivera and Aredvi Azad
Working through sexual trauma is deep, continuous work. A powerful tool for healing is manifestation; and when combined with ritual, crystals, or other elements of nature, manifestation can amplify positivity. Working with the natural beauty around us not only grounds us, but aids in raising our vibration, allowing healing to occur.

Aredvi Azad, Director of Education & Programs, The HEAL Project
Ignacio Rivera, Founder and Director, The HEAL Project
Military Sexual Violence: Transforming Justice and Healing
When our service members take an oath to protect our country, our country should also protect them. However, sexual violence in the US military is a growing epidemic that has been ignored for far too long. This panel will discuss how we can support our service members who are struggling with visible and invisible wounds. We will also look at the leadership approach of women of color, active duty and retired, who are leading military sexual violence reform, and identify how can others be supportive of them.

Adelaide Kahn, Director of Programs and Policy, Protect Our Defenders
Lucy Del Gaudio, Grassroots Veterans Efforts and MSV survivor
Melissa Bryant, Grassroots Veterans Efforts and MSV survivor

Stage C

Youth Track: Black Girl Safekeeping, Healing, & Liberation
In this presentation, Justice for Black Girls Ambassadors situate the works of Robin Boylorn exploring Black girl autoethnography, notions of disrespectability and Nikki Giovanni’s Revolutionary Dreams. We open with meditation, community agreements and pledges to Black girl liberation. This presentation pushes participants to actively disrespect the systems that disrespect Black girls, consider the ways in which we can create spaces rooted in healing & safety, and ultimately become better safekeepers of Black girls everywhere.  

Organization: Justice for Black Girls

Youth Track: Liberatory Love Letters: Art-Making as Resilience, Resistance, and Healing Magic
Thousands of survivors around the world are rewriting their stories of darkness through radical self-love and healing. In this workshop, we honor and uplift the survivors, organizers, and communities that insist on emotional wellness and healing in the wake of sexual assault. We will feature a reading by grassroots cultural art movement Survivor Love Letter and Girls for Gender Equity performances by Solange Aguilar, Ashley Newenle, Ana Corona, Sen Morimoto, Leena Luv and a panel discussion on healing and dismantling rape culture.

Organizations: Girls for Gender Equity, IMMEDIATE JUSTICE, Survivor Love Letter

Stage D

Youth Track: Comrades & Co-Conspirators: An Intergenerational Conversation on Survivor-Led Organizing
This panel features a cross-generational dialogue about the importance of centering youth experiences in movements and organizing. Speakers will highlight the ways they engage across age to amplify the voices and dreams of youth survivors. Panelists include Najma Douglas and Julia Arroyo from Young Women’s Freedom Center, Tara Scott-Miller, The Firecracker Foundation, and Vivian Anderson of EveryBlackGirl, Inc. Moderated by Michelle Grier, Girls for Gender Equity. This panel is open to young people and their adult co-conspirators (parents, caregivers, mentors, aunties/uncles, etc.).

Organizations: Young Women’s Freedom Center, The Firecracker Foundation, EveryBlackGirl Inc, Girls for Gender Equity
Youth Track: Online Risks, Resources, and Allyship Among Youth
SafeBAE’s #KnowB4Unude campaign takes a direct and honest approach to talking about youth sending nudes. This is still an incredibly taboo topic with little-to-no resources for students to be able to make educated decisions about sharing intimate photos of themselves or others. This campaign challenges young people to be more informed and responsible sharers and receivers of nudes, including consent, sharing or sending images without permission, etc. The panel will integrate details about the SafeBAE APP for youth activists which includes all the ways in which survivors and allies can support one another, access resources, and join activists in changing their school cultures, policies, and lessons.

Organization: SafeBAE

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Thank you to those who made this event possible: the Collective Future Fund, the Ms. Foundation for Women, and the Levi Strauss Foundation.

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