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Re-cap from our National Call!

As the movement to end anti-Black racism builds, we show up in this moment as a multi-racial, survivor-led collective poised to amplify the ways in which the movements to end sexual violence and racial violence are reliant upon one another. On June 25th at 7-8pm ET, we held a conversation on the intertwinings of oppression and sexual violence, and the importance of organizing survivors and allies to lead the charge. The conversation was led by  Tarana Burke from ‘me too.’ International, Fatima Goss Graves from the National Women’s Law Center,  Ai-jen Poo from the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and Mónica Ramírez from Justice for Migrant Women. Read the transcript and listen to the call!

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Stay tuned for our virtual Survivors' Summit!

We'll be hosting a virtual Survivors' Summit this September, for survivors, advocates, and allies to come together as a movement for change. Sign up on our email list to receive updates!

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Host a Kitchen Table Conversation!

Take the opportunity to engage in directed conversations with your community about how to end sexual harassment and violence. Make time to connect with your friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors about their thoughts and experiences on questions such as: "Where are the places that you feel the most vulnerable?" and "What does a community without sexual violence or sexual harassment look like?" Help to shape an important part of our drive towards social justice.

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For those who have facilitated Kitchen Table Conversations.

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