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Check out the recording of our National Town Hall!

Survivors Agenda calls on us to ask ourselves the question: How do we envision security and well-being that are not based on upholding white supremacy, racial capitalism, and state-sanctioned violence? What do we need to feel safe, loved and cared for by our communities and by legislators? Our goal as a multiracial survivor-led collective is to listen deeply to survivors by creating spaces and places where survivors can tell us what matters to them, what they need to heal, and how they want to use their voices. If you're ready to lend your voice to the movement to end sexual violence, join us at our next National City Hall Survivors Agenda on Wednesday, August 26 at 8 p.m. EST / 7 p. and the support that survivors ask for.

See our town hall recording for adult survivors of child sexual abuse

Survivors Agenda was launched by a collective of organizations who believe that survivors should be the ones shaping the national conversation on sexual violence, creating power to end sexual violence. Join us for an inclusive conversation to listen to adult survivors of childhood and adolescent sexual violence – tell us what matters to you, what needs to change, and how you want to use your voice. Become part of Survivors Agenda. Organized in partnership with: Army of Survivors, SNAP and Together for Girls.

Recapitulation of our National Call!

As the movement to end anti-black racism builds, we present ourselves right now as a multiracial collective, led by survivors, poised to amplify the ways in which movements to end sexual violence and racial violence depend. from each other. On June 25 at 7-8 pm ET, we had a conversation about the intertwines of oppression and sexual violence, and the importance of organizing survivors and allies to lead the charge. The conversation was led by Tarana Burke from "me too". International, Fatima Goss Graves from the National Center for Women's Rights, Ai-jen Poo from the National Alliance of Domestic Workers and Mónica Ramírez from Justice for Migrant Women. Read the transcript and listen to the call!

Look at City Hall: Black Femmes up front

Now, more than ever, it's time for black women to be the center of conversation. Black women have the highest turnout rate at the polls. They also have the highest rates of sexual assault. At this significant political moment, it is important that we elevate the experiences of Black survivors, by building a Survivor Agenda focused on transforming our communities, workplaces, and families into spaces that keep Black women and girls safe. Participate live on the Essence Facebook page.


Host a Kitchen Table Conversation!

Take the opportunity to participate in targeted conversations with your community about ending sexual harassment and violence. Take time to connect with your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors about your thoughts and experiences on questions like, "Where are the places where you feel most vulnerable?" and "What is a community without violence or sexual harassment like?" Help shape an important part of our drive for social justice.

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