Fair Principles for Equitable Political Workplaces and Spaces


Sexual harassment and assault are life-changing civil rights violations that can undermine the survivor’s ability to thrive and participate in the workplace, education, and political and civic life.

Due to a serious imbalance in political representation by leaders and candidates of color and other marginalized communities, and the fact that Black, Indigenous, trans, queer, Latina and Asian women are the likeliest to experience sexual abuse at some point in their lives, it is paramount that we eliminate sexual abuse in political spaces.

That is why we at the Survivors’ Agenda have crowdsourced and developed the fair principles for an investigatory process and media response for when political candidates, elected and appointed leaders, campaign volunteers and staffworkers, are accused of sexual harassment and assault.

Why the Survivors’ Agenda?

First and foremost, we are survivors and many of our organizations engage in policy and political organizing. We know, through experience, what systems and processes need to be reformed to center and accomodate survivors of sexual violence.

Also, we are a multiracial, multiethnic, and multidisciplinary group. The fair principles were created over a three-year-span by employment attorneys, direct service providers, survivor advocates, policy experts, political candidate organizations, and socially-minded investors, who want to help root out sexual violence in our politics.

Why the Fair Principles?

Right now in politics, sexual violence survivors are weaponized by the opposing political party or competing candidates, and then forced to withstand intense media scrutiny. Survivors’ only real recourse is to win the court of public opinion. We can and must do better by survivors in political spaces.

Our democracy depends on it!

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