Youth Track

So We Can Thrive: The Survivor’s Summit Youth Track

The purpose of a youth track, spearheaded by Girls for Gender Equity, is for youth survivors to lead and engage in critical conversations rooted in political consciousness, healing and restorative justice, expressive arts, and social justice education.

September 26th, 1:40-3:40pm ET

Youth Track: Black Girl Safekeeping, Healing, & Liberation
In this presentation, Justice for Black Girls Ambassadors situate the works of Robin Boylorn exploring Black girl autoethnography, notions of disrespectability and Nikki Giovanni’s Revolutionary Dreams. We open with meditation, community agreements and pledges to Black girl liberation. This presentation pushes participants to actively disrespect the systems that disrespect Black girls, consider the ways in which we can create spaces rooted in healing & safety, and ultimately become better safekeepers of Black girls everywhere.  
Youth Track: Comrades & Co-Conspirators: An Intergenerational Conversation on Survivor-Led Organizing
This panel features a cross-generational dialogue about the importance of centering youth experiences in movements and organizing. Speakers will highlight the ways they engage across age to amplify the voices and dreams of youth survivors. Panelists include Najma Douglas and Julia Arroyo from Young Women’s Freedom Center, Tara Scott-Miller, The Firecracker Foundation, and Vivian Anderson of EveryBlackGirl, Inc. Moderated by Michelle Grier, Girls for Gender Equity. This panel is open to young people and their adult co-conspirators (parents, caregivers, mentors, aunties/uncles, etc.).
Youth Track: Liberatory Love Letters: Art-Making as Resilience, Resistance, and Healing Magic
Thousands of survivors around the world are rewriting their stories of darkness through radical self-love and healing. In this workshop, we honor and uplift the survivors, organizers, and communities that insist on emotional wellness and healing in the wake of sexual assault. We will feature a reading by grassroots cultural art movement Survivor Love Letter and Girls for Gender Equity performances by Solange Aguilar, Ashley Newenle, Ana Corona, Sen Morimoto, Leena Luv and a panel discussion on healing and dismantling rape culture.
Youth Track: Online Risks, Resources, and Allyship Among Youth
SafeBAE’s #KnowB4Unude campaign takes a direct and honest approach to talking about youth sending nudes. This is still an incredibly taboo topic with little-to-no resources for students to be able to make educated decisions about sharing intimate photos of themselves or others. This campaign challenges young people to be more informed and responsible sharers and receivers of nudes, including consent, sharing or sending images without permission, etc. The panel will integrate details about the SafeBAE APP for youth activists which includes all the ways in which survivors and allies can support one another, access resources, and join activists in changing their school cultures, policies, and lessons.

Youth Track Organizational Partners

Girls for Gender Equity

EveryBlackGirl, Inc

Excel Academy NYU

The Firecracker Foundation

Immediate Justice

Justice for Black Girls


S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective

Survivor Love Letter

Young Women’s Freedom Center

Safe exit